Success Stories

- Raya Vodafone : more than 10000 termination with fan out technology and octopus   
- EgyNet: Over 15 sites using Fan-Out.
- Carlo Cavatsi : Damietta Sea Port – Fiber for 24 Cameras using Mid-span.
- Arabian Cement Company: CCTV using Mid-Span and Fan-Out.
- Armed forces Maadi Hospital: CCTV using Fan-Out.
- Care Service : CCTV for Suez Cement Factory.
- United Sugar Company of Egypt ( Family Sugar ) :Process Automation project using about 2000 terminations were done usingFan-Out and supplying Octopus cable for troubleshooting.
- Schneider Electric Projects : Automation projects using Fan-Out1. Sidi Krir Power planet project.2. EL-Atf Power planet project.3. Eltebeen Power planet project.
- Industrial Control Systems (ICS): El Marg Waste water Treatment station.
- Thallas International : 3rd Phase of Underground Metro- 1070 splicing.
- Ansaldo : Abo Rawash Power Plant – 800 terminations / P. Cords /pigtails
- IN-TECH : Kourimate / Al Atf Power Plant.- Accurate : Luxor and Aswan Airports.
- Al-Marasem International for Development : Cairo Airport.
- CBC : Studios inside EMPC- EMPC : Many Studios such as Alnas, Alhayat, Rotana and ASI Magd.
- Ministry of Trade and Industry : Supply of PCF for CNC machinesز
- Fiber Optic Network for CCTV Cams with a partnership with Panasonic in الكلية الحربية